Waist-cutting curry

If you love a curry you’ll probably also have to watch your waistline. This favourite of dishes can be a real belt tightener.

But a project between Warwick University and Birmingham’s Lasan Indian restaurant could ease that squeeze by producing healthier Indian cuisine.

The results could not only help the Asian population, particularly at risk to some complications of obesity, but all of us who like nothing more than munching down a good Madras.

For more on the Spice for Life recipe book see the University of Warwick.

A curry at Lasan restaurant



Aged 44, the biggest downer

Depression tends to peak at the age of 44 for men and women in the UK, researchers have found.

But don’t get too down about it because life gets better from then on.

The research from the University of Warwick and Dartmouth College in the US uses data on two million people from 80 nations.

They found happiness was a U-shaped curve, our happy disposition at the start of our lives dips in middle age but returns to our youthful levels in later life.

The low point usually comes at aged 44 for men and women in the UK.

Authors, economists Professor Andrew Oswald from the University of Warwick and Professor David Blanchflower from Dartmouth College in the US, found the descent in to mid-life depression came from something within us and not factors like divorce or changes in job or income.

Professor Oswald said: “What causes this apparently U-shaped curve, and its similar shape in different parts of the developed and even often developing world, is unknown.

“However, one possibility is that individuals learn to adapt to their strengths and weaknesses, and in mid-life quell their infeasible aspirations.

“Another possibility is that cheerful people live systematically longer.

“A third possibility is that a kind of comparison process is at work in which people have seen similar-aged peers die and value more their own remaining years. Perhaps people somehow learn to count their blessings.”

For more details see the University of Warwick.