Seminar on fuel efficient engine

A seminar to demonstrate the development of a new fuel efficient gasoline engine is set to take place at Coventry University on Friday February 15.

Experts from across the world of engineering are expected to attend the seminar to see the results of an experimental project to develop the MUSIC (Merritt Unthrottled Spark Ignition Combustion) engine.  

The recently patented engine was invented and developed by Dr. Dan Merritt whilst working at Coventry University.

It promises to match, or even improve on the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine at part load, thus removing the fuel economy gap between diesel and gasoline engines when driven in urban environments.

Dr. Merritt said: “The fuel economy gap between the two types of engine has not been bridged since the nineteenth century. It results from completely different ignition and combustion systems each requiring its own type of fuel.

“Until now diesel engines have given far superior fuel efficiency at part load when compared with gasoline engines but gasoline engines delivered more power for a given size.  The MUSIC gasoline engine has now demonstrated part load efficiencies as good as the diesel engine but at a lower cost.”

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Rugby & Kenilworth MP Gets in Astronomer’s Shadow

Rugby and Kenilworth MP Jeremy Wright has been placed in the shadow of a University of Warwick Astronomer. Thankfully this doesn’t mean that he is blocking the light to a telescope based experiment – he is taking part in a Royal Society run scheme to pair up MPs with active research scientists so they can shadow each other’s work and get more understanding of science in to politics and government.

Jeremy has been paired with Dr Danny Steeghs, Assistant Professor & Advanced Fellow in the Astronomy & Astrophysics Group in the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick.

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