Society-wide action needed over obesity

A group of experts tackling obesity have called for more widespread action across society to tackle a growing crisis.

The group of experts from Birmingham University have called for more to be done in areas like transport policy, town planning, education and access to sport to encourage a healthier lifestyles.

The group is focusing on developing research that looks to tackle obesity across our entire lifespan.

For more see Birmingham University.


Green tea helps burn fat

Drinking a couple of cups of green tea before exercise could help burn fat, researchers at the University of Birmingham have discovered.

Scientists have found that green tea can increase fat oxidation – the rate at which fat is broken down inside the body – during moderate intensity exercise.

The drink can also improve insulin sensitivity and glucose intolerance, meaning it could have the potential to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

For more information see the University of Birmingham.

Waist-cutting curry

If you love a curry you’ll probably also have to watch your waistline. This favourite of dishes can be a real belt tightener.

But a project between Warwick University and Birmingham’s Lasan Indian restaurant could ease that squeeze by producing healthier Indian cuisine.

The results could not only help the Asian population, particularly at risk to some complications of obesity, but all of us who like nothing more than munching down a good Madras.

For more on the Spice for Life recipe book see the University of Warwick.

A curry at Lasan restaurant


Battling Obesity – how to stop piling on the pounds

Worried about being or becoming overweight but dazzled by the all the diets and losing weight fads around? is here to help in our series Battling Obesity, looking at the UK’s growing weight crisis.

Here Warwick Medical School dietician Eve Nortley gives some top tips on what to put in your shopping basket and what to leave out.

Keep an eye on for more on the ever growing Battling Obesity series. 

Dietician Eve Nortley