Tasty low fat food on order

The prospect of healthy low fat food that tastes as good as a high calorie equivalent has come a step closer thanks to research at Birmingham University into replacing fat in food products.

Researchers at the Centre for Formulation Engineering are developing a microstructure that would have the same physical properties of a fat globule in food but would be filled with air instead of fat.

Using the technique up to 50% of fat could be removed from foods like margarine, spreads and salad dressing while keeping the taste.

For more see the University of Birmingham


Battling Obesity – how to stop piling on the pounds

Worried about being or becoming overweight but dazzled by the all the diets and losing weight fads around?

Ideasforlife.tv is here to help in our series Battling Obesity, looking at the UK’s growing weight crisis.

Here Warwick Medical School dietician Eve Nortley gives some top tips on what to put in your shopping basket and what to leave out.

Keep an eye on ideasforlife.tv for more on the ever growing Battling Obesity series. 

Dietician Eve Nortley