Green tea helps burn fat

Drinking a couple of cups of green tea before exercise could help burn fat, researchers at the University of Birmingham have discovered.

Scientists have found that green tea can increase fat oxidation – the rate at which fat is broken down inside the body – during moderate intensity exercise.

The drink can also improve insulin sensitivity and glucose intolerance, meaning it could have the potential to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

For more information see the University of Birmingham.


Tasty low fat food on order

The prospect of healthy low fat food that tastes as good as a high calorie equivalent has come a step closer thanks to research at Birmingham University into replacing fat in food products.

Researchers at the Centre for Formulation Engineering are developing a microstructure that would have the same physical properties of a fat globule in food but would be filled with air instead of fat.

Using the technique up to 50% of fat could be removed from foods like margarine, spreads and salad dressing while keeping the taste.

For more see the University of Birmingham

Waist-cutting curry

If you love a curry you’ll probably also have to watch your waistline. This favourite of dishes can be a real belt tightener.

But a project between Warwick University and Birmingham’s Lasan Indian restaurant could ease that squeeze by producing healthier Indian cuisine.

The results could not only help the Asian population, particularly at risk to some complications of obesity, but all of us who like nothing more than munching down a good Madras.

For more on the Spice for Life recipe book see the University of Warwick.

A curry at Lasan restaurant