Fast Forward winners are crowned

A panel of top car experts decides who has designed the best car to win the Fast Forward competition.

Groups of students from three schools have spent the last two months designing their own car from scratch, with the help of advice from experts from across the West Midlands, as part of the challenge.

It’s the last lap of the contest where the students pitch their designs to the panel of judges in their bid to win the title.

  Fast Forward final


Cleaning up motorsport

Hours spend testing and racing cars around a track means that motorsport probably doesn’t have the greatest carbon footprint. 

But two Coventry University students are trying to change all that. They’re developing a club level racing car that runs on bioethanol, which could cut environmentally harmful emissions for the sport by half.

The bioethanol racing car

Powering your life with hydrogen

Up to now you’d be more likely to find hydrogen powering the space shuttle rather than being the fuel for your commute to work.

But hydrogen is much cleaner than fossil fuels because it produces no carbon dioxide.

So how could hydrogen become the accepted alternative fuel to power cars, our homes and the economy?

Researchers at the University of Birmingham are looking at how to store hydrogen so it can become a more common form of fuel.

Hydrogen powered car