Society-wide action needed over obesity

A group of experts tackling obesity have called for more widespread action across society to tackle a growing crisis.

The group of experts from Birmingham University have called for more to be done in areas like transport policy, town planning, education and access to sport to encourage a healthier lifestyles.

The group is focusing on developing research that looks to tackle obesity across our entire lifespan.

For more see Birmingham University.


Learning taken to virtual world in project

The benefits of using virtual world technology for learning are to be studied in a research project at Birmingham City University.

The Learning in Virtual Environments, LiVE, project will see students undertake film production exercises, using the internet-based virtual world Second Life.

The study is led by Birmingham City University’s Technology Innovation Centre (TIC), together with the University’s Learning Technology Development Unit and technology partner, Daden Ltd, a leading specialist in virtual environments. The project is funded by the regional development agency, Advantage West Midlands, through its interactive digital media initiative, which promotes the use of new digital technology.

For more see Birmingham City University. 

Open source course launched

A short course for businesses wanting to take advantage of open source software is set to be launched at Birmingham City University.

Open source offers the prospect of cheaper software developed using an independent body of experts.

The course, called developing systems using open source, introduces the conceptual framework of open source systems and covers licences, communities, principles and processes. Students on the course will gain the knowledge and skills needed to install, configure, administer and make full use of the open source system and its networking applications.

For further details see Birmingham City University.