First mini medical school launched

Ever wanted to understand more about the human body and the latest treatments for illnesses without the need to spend five years at med school?

Birmingham University has come up with a solution with the first mini-medical school to be run in the UK.

A series of two-hour sessions over the 10-week course will tackle some of the major topics in medicine in a fun and accessible way, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders and communication between doctors and patients.

For more information see Birmingham University


Cod puts itself on ice

A species of Antarctic cod puts itself on ice to survive the winter by hibernating, researchers at the University of Birmingham along with the British Antarctic survey have discovered.

The cod Notothenia coriiceps adopts a winter survival strategy to combat the sub-zero water temperatures.

Researchers already knew that Antarctic fish lower their metabolic rate to cope with the cold but the research shows that the cod and depress the process further in winter. 

For more details see the University of Birmingham.  

See the video on how studying the Antarctic cods’ metabolism is helping heart research