South Asian population has reduced cancer screening

People from the South Asian community are less likely to take up screening for bowel or breast cancer, research at Warwick University has revealed.

South Asian people are only half as likely to take up an invitation for bowel cancer screening and 15 per cent less likely to attend breast cancer screening, the study showed.

As a result of the research the director of the NHS cancer screening programme has vowed to do more to encourage greater uptake among the South Asian community.

For more see University of Warwick.


Waist-cutting curry

If you love a curry you’ll probably also have to watch your waistline. This favourite of dishes can be a real belt tightener.

But a project between Warwick University and Birmingham’s Lasan Indian restaurant could ease that squeeze by producing healthier Indian cuisine.

The results could not only help the Asian population, particularly at risk to some complications of obesity, but all of us who like nothing more than munching down a good Madras.

For more on the Spice for Life recipe book see the University of Warwick.

A curry at Lasan restaurant