Society-wide action needed over obesity

A group of experts tackling obesity have called for more widespread action across society to tackle a growing crisis.

The group of experts from Birmingham University have called for more to be done in areas like transport policy, town planning, education and access to sport to encourage a healthier lifestyles.

The group is focusing on developing research that looks to tackle obesity across our entire lifespan.

For more see Birmingham University.


Fast Forward winners are crowned

A panel of top car experts decides who has designed the best car to win the Fast Forward competition.

Groups of students from three schools have spent the last two months designing their own car from scratch, with the help of advice from experts from across the West Midlands, as part of the challenge.

It’s the last lap of the contest where the students pitch their designs to the panel of judges in their bid to win the title.

  Fast Forward final

Car and health magazines launched by students

Magazines on car and health news have been launched by students at Coventry University.

Automotive, a 32-page magazine, is the work of five students studying for an MA in automotive journalism and Global Eye has been produced by MA students on the global and health journalism course.

All six of last year’s automotive journalism graduates are now working full-time for motoring magazines and websites, or in the motor industry itself.

For more details see Coventry University.

Cleaning up motorsport

Hours spend testing and racing cars around a track means that motorsport probably doesn’t have the greatest carbon footprint. 

But two Coventry University students are trying to change all that. They’re developing a club level racing car that runs on bioethanol, which could cut environmentally harmful emissions for the sport by half.

The bioethanol racing car

Seminar on fuel efficient engine

A seminar to demonstrate the development of a new fuel efficient gasoline engine is set to take place at Coventry University on Friday February 15.

Experts from across the world of engineering are expected to attend the seminar to see the results of an experimental project to develop the MUSIC (Merritt Unthrottled Spark Ignition Combustion) engine.  

The recently patented engine was invented and developed by Dr. Dan Merritt whilst working at Coventry University.

It promises to match, or even improve on the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine at part load, thus removing the fuel economy gap between diesel and gasoline engines when driven in urban environments.

Dr. Merritt said: “The fuel economy gap between the two types of engine has not been bridged since the nineteenth century. It results from completely different ignition and combustion systems each requiring its own type of fuel.

“Until now diesel engines have given far superior fuel efficiency at part load when compared with gasoline engines but gasoline engines delivered more power for a given size.  The MUSIC gasoline engine has now demonstrated part load efficiencies as good as the diesel engine but at a lower cost.”

For more see Coventry University

Powering your life with hydrogen

Up to now you’d be more likely to find hydrogen powering the space shuttle rather than being the fuel for your commute to work.

But hydrogen is much cleaner than fossil fuels because it produces no carbon dioxide.

So how could hydrogen become the accepted alternative fuel to power cars, our homes and the economy?

Researchers at the University of Birmingham are looking at how to store hydrogen so it can become a more common form of fuel.

Hydrogen powered car

Boffin gets into gear for race and rally car roll cage venture.

Phil BoffinAn entrepreneur called Phil Boffin has emerged as the brains behind a niche start-up company making safety roll cage kits for rally cars in an area dubbed “Motor Sport Valley”.

Just six months after launching BMS Engineering, Phil, aged 48, can lay claim to one of his kits being installed in the Subaru Impreza WRC driven by Norwegian Petter Solberg, generally acknowledged as one of the world’s best rally drivers.

Phil has set up his business in Broad Lane on the western side of Coventry in the heart of the European motor sport development zone, with the help of a £40,000 SFIE (Selective Finance for Investment in England) grant from regional development agency Advantage West Midlands. The funding has contributed to a state-of-the-art £93,000 Addison McKee CNC tube bending machine – the “engine room” of BMS’s 1800 sq ft workshop.

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