Watermark could prevent plastic piracy

Researchers at WMG at the University of Warwick have devised a high tech watermark that can be added to plastic products as they are created to prevent counterfeiting.

As the watermark is created as an intrinsic part of the plastic as it is moulded, it would require very detailed technical knowledge and equipment to replicate it.

Professor Gordon Smith from WMG said the new technology could be of significant interest to a range of manufacturers to prevent piracy in products like DVD s and plastic containers used by a range of consumer industries.

For more details see the University of Warwick.


MDF transformed by laser

The appearance of MDF is being transformed to produce an expensive wood grain finish with the help of laser technology in research being carried out at Warwick University’s WMG.

 The technology will make the sometimes dull material look more attractive.

As MDF is cheaper than wood and made from recycled products the Lasercoat project could reduce the price of wood products and improve the environment.

The technology is being used by one of the country’s leading manufacturers of doors and windows.

For more see University of Warwick.   

Tasty low fat food on order

The prospect of healthy low fat food that tastes as good as a high calorie equivalent has come a step closer thanks to research at Birmingham University into replacing fat in food products.

Researchers at the Centre for Formulation Engineering are developing a microstructure that would have the same physical properties of a fat globule in food but would be filled with air instead of fat.

Using the technique up to 50% of fat could be removed from foods like margarine, spreads and salad dressing while keeping the taste.

For more see the University of Birmingham

Forget your flat screen TV – grab a footpump!

You may think your top end flat TV is impressive but take a look at this inflatable cinema from Lindstrand technologies, a company better known for making hot air balloons.

Would be pretty awesome for parties or barbeques…

The outdoor cinema screen