ideasforlife.tv is a new online video channel showcasing innovative science-based business and research taking place across the Birmingham Science City region.

Through the core themes of energy, medicine & health, digital media, automotive and materials science we will be featuring inspiring projects which improve our everyday lives, and encourage more people to get involved with science.

Our goal is to promote and de-mystify science and enterprise by providing a forum for communication catering for different levels of interest and knowledge – satisfying needs ranging from mild curiosity through to serious academic debate.

From school children to local business, from the general public through to experts in the field of science, we hope to engage a wide audience who will contribute to a range of online debates, send in their own user generated content and help us promote the exciting range of science taking place in the West Midlands.

If you are a local business using cutting edge science, a scientist with some truly innovative research, or a school with some great science experiments to show-off, then we want to hear from you! Get in touch at: editor@ideasforlife.tv


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