Research tries to ace tennis elbow

A three-year project to find an effective treatment for tennis elbow is set to start at Keele University.

The study will test the effectiveness of a form of electrical nerve stimulation treatment.

For more details see Keele University.


2 Responses

  1. I had tennis elbow few years ago. All I did was rest from activities which aggravate it. It took more than 6 months for pain to relieve.

  2. Exercises to restrengthen the wrist and hand muscles can be of benefit and help alleviate the problem and pain associated with it. These can be achieved the use of a tension ball that allows the hand to squeeze and release, providing a non impact exercise that is quite effective. This unawareness often lends itself to sleeping positions that cause the spine to remain in an unnaturally curved position for too long. Here’s a hint: if you ever wake up in the morning feeling “stiff”, this is a sign that you may be sleeping poorly and not even realize it…

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