Birmingham leads fluoridation

The UK is set to follow Birmingham in adding fluoride to tap water to prevent tooth decay.

Health secretary Alan Johnson has made £14m a year available over the next three years to help health authorities introduce fluoridation scheme.

Fluoride has been added to tap water in Birmingham for 40 years. Studies have shown that children in the city have half the cases of tooth decay than children in non-fluoridated Manchester.

For more see the Department of Health


2 Responses

  1. Search these 2 words: “fluoride causes”. Studies have also shown that there are many deliberately ignored and seriously adverse side effects on the health of individuals who have had this evil totalitarian sociopathic scheme imposed on them against their will, or without their knowledge, or under the guise of tooth decay prevention. Fluoridation is about mind control, ‘govern-ment’. You seriously need to find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes, and expose these criminals, boycott their rogue organisations, and stand up to them.

    • Then take a deep breath and…..
      Take a look at the people of the West Midlands!
      Fluoridated water since 1964 & still alive, active and to most people they appear almost normal.
      Where are all the cripples, cancer cases and retards – please ignore the accent – I believe that started before water fluoridation.

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